In different documents that tell the history of Ponti we only found out that in 1600 a farmers family called Adorno was living on this site, then known as “Preli district”. In 1700 it took the name of “Cravarezza”. It is said that this name comes from the breeding of “crava”, very widespread in that area. We can find the first evidence of the family in 1800 with the three brothers Adorno: Carlo, Giovanni and Luigi who lived by cultivating the vineyard and raising few cattle and goats.

Our memories are characterized by the stories of Nonna Filomena, who was used to lovingly explain to her grandchildren where she was used to led to graze goats, how she milked them and how she worked the milk in a wooden tub in the kitchen. Then she told how the milk turned into cheese thanks to the “curd”, almost like a magic.

After the 2nd World War the company was run by Cav. Giuseppe Adorno, who passionately cultivated the vineyards and transformed the grapes into wine. Meanwhile his wife Anita, after inheriting the teaching of grandmother Filomena, took care of milking animals and making cheese.

In 1990 the Cav. Giuseppe is engaged as Provincial President of Coldiretti, so his son Adriano became owner. He built a new cheese factory now led by his wife Lucia and one meat shop where, even today, is sold only meat from cattle reared on the farm.

In the following years, have been added new professional figures: the three sons Alice, Andrea and Mirco. The large family decided to face an additional challenge: the Agritourism that was inaugurated on April 26 2011.


Robiola di Roccaverano

It is the only goat cheese D.O.P. Raw milk of Italy.